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Cooking Turkey - Video

Summary: Cooking a turkey does not have to be difficult. Learn how to make a beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving favorite by watching this video.

The following is the video's transcript:

Welcome to Tips.Net. Today we are going to be talking about how to get that turkey looking golden and crisp, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Start off by preheating your oven to 475 degrees. Now every turkey comes completely frozen when you get it, so you need to have time to thaw it. Ours was about ten pounds, so two to three days.

Take a stick of butter, put it in your microwave and melt it. It takes about a minute or so. And then go ahead and put the butter to the side.

Come back to your turkey and remove all the wrapping, including the netting and the plastic. And remove it from the plastic. The inside of the turkey will have the neck and the gizzards, make sure you remove both. They both come in little baggies.

You'll need some rosemary and some thyme. Fill about one tablespoon of each in a bowl and place it to the side.

Now with either a rubber glove or a plastic glove, remove the skin from the meat, but just slightly separating it. This is going to be used as an insulator to keep your meat really fresh.

Place the butter into the turkey meat, massaging it even into the thighs. Wash off any excess butter so that the skin doesn't get too crispy. Adding your rosemary and thyme, massage it throughout the turkey. This will give it a really rich flavor.

Place your turkey right-side up into your cooking pot. Make sure to add your lid. Place the pot into the oven and cook for twenty minutes. Once the twenty minutes have expired, reduce the heat down to 250 degrees. Take your thermometer and place it into the turkey breast, it should read about 170 to 180 degrees. Do the same to the turkey thigh, that should be about 180 to 190 degrees.

When you're all done, you'll have a beautiful looking Thanksgiving turkey for the whole family to enjoy. If you enjoyed this tip, please press the subscribe button of the upper left hand side of your screen.

Thanks for watching!


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