You've had your eye on a great kitchen gadget but aren't sure it's really what it claims. We've taken some of the guesswork out of buying new appliances and utensils by reviewing some products.

In this section of tips you'll find reviews of several kitchen products such as the Shenzen potato peeler, Chic Chefs ceramic knives, and the Kalorik Deep Fryer. Know before you buy.

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   A Fantastic Ceramic Potato Peeler
Does peeling potatoes or other vegetables leaving you feeling like you would like to be anywhere else but in the kitchen? The Shenzen potato peeler is the answer that will make any vegetable peeling easier.

   An Easy to Use Juicer
I have always wanted to have some great tasting fresh juice. I figured that the best way to get that was through the use of a juicer. Here is a little bit about my experiences with the Kalorik citrus press.

   Ceramic Knives that Do the Job
Ceramic knives are becoming more and more common on the home front. Shenzhen knives, available only online, are one of the latest entries into this growing market. Ceramic knives are a unique tool with significant strengths and challenges, so read on for more information on how they work.

   Chic Chefs Ceramic Knives
Chic Chefs is a great up and coming company that features only ceramic bladed cutlery and kitchen utensils. Their main product line is centered around some ceramic knives that are simply amazing. Keep reading for the full details.

   Chic Chefs Ceramic Mandolin Slicer
Chic Chefs is a great up and coming company that features only ceramic bladed cutlery and kitchen utensils. One of their products is a mandolin slicer that was simply amazing. Keep reading for the full details.

   Cooking With an Induction Cooktop
Induction Cooking is faster, cleaner, and more powerful than cooking on a gas or electric stove. This tip is recalling my wonderful experience with cooking on a Chic Chefs Avant-Garde Induction Cooktop.

   Cooking with Cuisinart
Want to fall in love again with cooking? Try using the Cuisinart auto-clad cooking set. It will bring the love of cooking again into your life.

   Deep Frying at Home
Does the idea of deep frying scare you? You can actually have some fun deep frying with the Kalorik Deep Fryer; it's perfect for home use.

   Some Great Non-Stick Bakeware
Pyrex now offers a non-stick metal bakeware selection. I was pleased to test out the four-piece ensemble that includes a medium cookie pan, 12 cup muffin pan, an oblong baking pan, and a snap-on plastic lid with carrying strap that accommodates both the cake and muffin pans.

   Using the Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer
Keurig is company that has long had a tradition of providing quality, high-end single-serve coffee makers. The flagship product of their single-serve coffee makers is the Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer. Keep reading for the full details of what it is like using the small appliance.


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