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Chic Chefs Ceramic Mandolin Slicer

Chic Chefs designs and manufactures kitchen utensils for the enthusiastic amateur chef. The product that Chic Chefs primarily sells is ceramic blades and kitchen utensils designed to be used in the home. One of their many utensils is a mandolin slicer.

For anyone that has ever used a mandolin slicer, the attraction of having a ceramic-bladed mandolin slicer is readily apparent, such as the fact that you will not have to resharpen the blade anywhere near as often as you would for a regular slicer. Here are my thoughts and experiences with the Chic Chefs mandolin slicer.

(If you are interested in seeing more of Chic Chefs' products, take a look at their website: http://chicchefsinc.com.)

  • Ease of use. When I was using the mandolin slicer I was greatly impressed with exactly how easy it was to use. It seemed like no matter what I tried to cut on with the slicer, it just glided along and was able to cut a wonderfully even and consistent slice. Some of the things that I tried on the slicer were cucumbers, onions, carrots, lettuce (for variety), tomatoes, and even cheese. Each and every time I used it I was able to get the same consistent results.
  • Maintenance. I was simply amazed at how easy it was to clean the ceramic blade on the slicer. All I really needed was a damp washcloth and a little dish soap to get everything nice and clean. This is a great plus, since I didn't feel comfortable throwing it in the dishwasher. The only problem that I saw with the maintenance was also one of the ceramic slicer's main selling points—its sharp! When washing the slicer be very careful that you don't cut yourself. That blade is really sharp, and it's very easy to cut yourself.
  • Pros. There are several things in favor of this ceramic slicer. The first is that the blade is ceramic. What this means is that it comes extremely sharp straight out of the package, and stays that way for a long time with proper care. The second is that it is extremely easy to use. I have never really had as easy of a time using a mandolin slicer as I did with this one. The third major item in favor of the mandolin slicer is that it is fairly durable. I accidentally knocked the slicer from the counter, and nothing broke. I chalk this up to the overall design of the slicer itself.
  • Cons. Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that I did not like about the slicer as well. The first is unlike with some other mandolin slicers, I was unable to adjust the size of the cut made. While everything was cut smoothly and consistently, it was still all the same size. Second, even after I dropped the slicer at one time, I still felt the need to be careful with it. There is something about having a blade made from ceramic that makes me want to be very careful with breaking it.
  • Overall experience. Generally speaking, I was very pleased with the Chic Chefs mandolin slicer. I would definitely advise other people to get one of these if they are interested in getting a high-end kitchen utensil that works superbly and reliably. I know that I simply love the one we used for our review.

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