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Using the Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer

Keurig primarily designs, manufactures, and sells single-serve coffee brewing systems for the enthusiastic coffee consumer. In addition to making quality coffee makers, and brewing systems, Keuirg also has a line of fantastic beverage "pods" that they call K-Cups. Surprisingly, you can get more than just coffee in the K-Cup line. You would be surprised at exactly what you can make with the Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer. While I was pleased overall with this product, there are some drawbacks to using it as well. Keep reading for my thoughts and experience with the Keurig brewer.

(If you are interested in seeing more of their products, take a look at their website, http://www.keurig.com.)

  • Ease of use. When I first opened the box that contained the brewing system, I was immediately blown away by the elegance and relative simplicity of its design. Remarkably, the system comes with only four parts to keep track of: the water reservoir, the reservoir lid, the spill tray, and the brewer itself. While I would love to say that the brewing system is as intuitive as it looks, I can't. This is one system that you can't simply fill up with water, plug it in, and start using right away. The reason is that it comes with a preprogrammed "purge" cycle that you won't know about unless you read the instructions. This purge cycle is a great feature, though, since it will clean out all the gunk that may have settled into the system while shipping.
  • Maintenance. Keeping the brewing system clean is remarkably easy. Since all you have to do to brew the coffee is put a little K-Cup pod into the flip-down chamber, all you have to do to clean it up is take out the spent pod and throw it away. Underneath the pod chamber is where you place the cup, and the spill tray. You will periodically want to wash the tray, but since it is dishwasher safe that's not a problem.
  • Pros. I absolutely loved the fact that you can use the system to make coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. In fact, this system is so versatile that as long as you have the pods, you can fulfill the tastes of just about every member of the family whether they are a coffee drinker or not. Another great aspect of the brewing system is that automatic purge cycle I mentioned earlier. While it is always a good idea to clean any brewer before you use it, this one has it programmed in so that you don't forget to do it. In my opinion, this shows that Keurig is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of their consumers.
  • Cons. Every product has a few downsides, and the Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer is no exception. The first main drawback is the overall price. Purchasing the product, you can expect to spend about $170 (though you do get what you pay for). However, there was another additional problem. When I went and looked around at where I could purchase additional K-Cups I found that they were not carried at my local grocery stores. I did find them at several other stores though, such as ShopKo, Costco, JCPenny, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, as well as on line at the Keurig website. On average, the cost for a refill of K-Cups will run you between $10 and $13 depending on what you get.
  • Overall experience. Speaking overall, I have got to say that I am pretty pleased with the brewing system. Its versatility and relative ease of use far outweigh the additional costs that are associated with it. Simply put, I loved the one we used for our review.

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