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For those who are dealing with a tighter financial wallet than they would like, you may be interested in learning as many different methods for saving money as possible. One of the largest monthly bills that just about any household can deal with is going to be the food bill. As such, learning some methods for creating money saving menus isn't just a good idea, but a vital necessity during tough financial time. There are a few strategies and methods that you can use to begin saving some money on your next grocery bill; just keep in mind that you may need to be a bit dedicated to ensure that you can get the job done.

  • Eat out less. One of the best ways to control your culinary expenses is to eat out less often than you may normally like. The reason for this is rather simple, when you stop to think about the general cost associated with eating out. For example, if you only went to McDonalds three times a week, and spent no more than eight dollars on a meal, that would end up costing you about $24.00. The total cost is more when you go to places where the meals will cost more.
  • Cut out the meat. Meat is probably one of the more expensive items that you can purchase at your local grocery store. By just cutting out the meat, or at least limiting the amount of meat that you use, you can dramatically reduce your grocery bill.
  • Have some brinner. By some weird quirk, breakfast tends to cost a whole lot less to make than dinner does. So, this begs the question of why you need to only have breakfast in the morning. Having breakfast for dinner can be a great method for lowering the cost of your grocery bill. Simply have some eggs (which are generally inexpensive), French toast, pancakes, and so on and you will have a rather nutritious and delicious brinner (breakfast for dinner).
  • Use your slow cooker. If you do decide that you need to have some meat with your meals, then go with a less expensive cut of beef (such as a chuck roast), or pork and cook it in your slow cooker. This method can make the tougher cuts more juicy, and allow you to make some rather inexpensive meals (like barbecue, or stews) which can easily be stretched throughout the week.
  • Know what you currently have. Make sure that you know what your freezer, refrigerator, cabinets, and pantries hold. By periodically conducting an in depth inventory you will be able to create more meals than you would imagine. Oftentimes we forget the various items that we already have, and don't realize that we actually have enough ingredients to make a complete meal.
  • Cook from scratch. One of the best ways to reduce the overall grocery bill, is to do as much cooking from scratch as possible. The reason for this is rather simple, prepared foods and ingredients typically cost more money. While it may be a little bit more labor intensive to cook from scratch, you will typically get better results and a cheaper bill.

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