English Cheese

Written by Karen Bates (last updated August 3, 2018)

Cheese is a favorite food of people all around the world. Different regions are home to specific types of cheeses, each with its own distinct flavor and look.

Wherever you go, you will likely find unique cheeses that are special to the area. You probably know about French cheeses and Italian ones, as well as American and Swiss. But English cheese is also a favorite among cheese connoisseurs for its delicious, rich taste. If you haven't tried English cheese, it may be time to give it a try and find out just how decadent it really is.

There are many kinds of English cheese, each with its own texture, taste, and appearance. Although English cheeses might not be the first to come to mind when you consider cheese, these dairy delights are nonetheless a delicious, high-quality choice to complement many recipes and snack possibilities.

When it comes to English cheese, you might be quite familiar with some varieties but mostly clueless about others. It is always fun to try new kinds of cheese that you might not have considered tasting before, and eating a kind of English cheese that you aren't familiar with can lead you to discovering a new favorite cheese.

You are probably well aware of cheeses such as Cheddar. This English cheese is probably the most popular cheese throughout the world, appealing to many tastes. This versatile cheese is made from cow's milk, and is now produced all over the world in many varieties. Traditional cheddar is semi-hard and somewhat crumbly, and is usually a white or light yellow color.

Moving away from a well-known favorite, there are many other cheeses to try from England. Take, for instance, Cheshire. This cow's milk cheese is extremely old, originating in the 12th century, and can be red, blue, or white. Another English cheese to try is Derby, a hard, cylindrical cheese that is somewhat like cheddar but is softer and sometimes flavored with herbs. Yorkshire Blue is a ewe's milk cheese that tends to have a flaky and crumbly texture. There are many, many other types of English cheeses as well, all waiting for you to give them a try!

When choosing cheese to buy, pay close attention to quality so that you get the best taste possible. Avoid cheese that appears hard or cracked, and try to get it freshly cut. Experimenting with new cheese tastes can be a great experiences. Remember to give English cheese a try next time you are interested in enjoying a new type of cheese!

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