Cabbage Soup

by Karen Bates
(last updated July 25, 2014)

There's nothing quite like a delicious bowl of soup for dinner, and soup is a favorite meal for many people. It's no wonder, since the process of making soup is fairly simple and the results taste great with minimal effort. As the ingredients in the soup mingle together, a wonderful combination of flavors come together to create a hearty and tasty dish.

One of the best things about soup recipes is that they can be altered in a variety of ways and still maintain great taste. By adding your favorite ingredients to a recipe, you can create your own version to appeal to your personal tastes. With so many kinds of soup out there already, it seems that the creative cooking possibilities are endless with this meal.

There are certain soups that are especially popular, such as chicken noodle. Even though the old favorites make a nice meal, it can be good to experience different soups that you might not have thought to try before. Because of its nutritious ingredients and simplicity of preparation, cabbage soup can be a wonderful addition to a meal or a meal in itself.

Cabbage soup can be made in a variety of ways. Generally, it consists of half a head to a head of cabbage that has been chopped or shredded, various sliced vegetables (like onion, carrots, bell peppers, and potatoes), and a combination of spices all simmered together in broth. This easy soup only takes minutes to prepare, and cook time is only about 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the ingredients.

The possibilities for variations of cabbage soup are expansive. For instance, you could add a can of your favorite beans to the soup to add protein, or even chunks of meat like chicken or beef. Cubed tofu is another protein option, and has few calories. You can also experiment with the different spices and broths you use. You might opt for a vegetable broth, or go for a beef one. It all depends on your personal tastes.

One great thing about this soup is that it can be a very low-calorie meal. Since it is mostly made up of vegetables, it offers a lot of nutrients without many calories. It is a good choice if you are looking for a meal that is light and simple but delicious at the same time.

Try making a batch of cabbage soup with your favorite vegetables, spices, and any meats or protein you'd like to throw in. You can make it a unique and wonderful meal that is great any time.

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Karen Bates

An English student who enjoys writing and art, Karen has had her poetry published in her university's literary journal and has several novels in the works. ...


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