Bar Equipment

by Hettie Woehler
(last updated July 11, 2011)

Building your own home bar can be a great way to not only increase the value of your home, but to also increase your entertainment value as well. One of the most important parts of installing a bar in your home is making sure that you have the right kind of bar equipment. Considering that your bar equipment will have a huge impact on whether your have a successful, and attractive, home bar you need to make sure you follow these simple guidelines. It is amazingly easy.

  • Buying the right furniture. Buying the right furniture is of the utmost importance as it can make or break the type of atmosphere as well as the efficiency of the service you offer. Buy your bar furniture with your customers and staff in mind. It is also a good idea to sit on the bar stools and chairs before buying to ensure that, if you were one of your customers, you will be comfortable and relaxed sitting on them.
  • Planning. What type of bar do you want? Should it be part of your lounge? Will it vorm part of your living room? Will it spill into the garden in warmer weather? This will all play a role in selecting the right furniture.
  • Bar Counter And Bar Stools. First decide on the type of bar counter you want. Will it be all wood? What about bamboo finishing's? Are you setting it up according to a theme or colour scheme? Your bar stools should compliment your bar counter.
  • Height Of Your Bar Stools. After completion of the counter, take careful measurements of the height to ensure your bar stools will be at the right height, E.G. if the stools are high enough for a long person, ensure that there are footrests for shorter customers. If you decide on swivel stools, make sure that there are enough space for the person to turn and leave the stool. Are you looking at bar stools with backrests, armrests, footrests, swivel seats, or adjustable seats? Remember to take these stools' height, width and the space it will need in consideration so it adds to the comfort of your customers and ease of serving by the bar tender.
  • Layout. Your tables should be laid out to be comfortable for your customers and have enough space for the staff serving them to move with ease. If you serve snacks or food platters, your kitchen should be designed to enable your kitchen staff to prepare snacks with durable and easy to use kitchen appliances.

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Hettie Woehler

Hettie lives in Mokopane, South Africa. She writes articles for a country-wide monthly newspaper, The Vessel. She self-published a devotional book in 1993 and writes a regular column, Hettie's Chatterbox, for the S.A. Neuromuscular Foundation. ...


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