Barbecue Accessories

Written by Hettie Woehler (last updated September 6, 2021)

Regardless of where you live in the world, just about everyone recognizes the word barbecue. It can have different local meanings, and even spellings, but the end result is almost always the same—great grilled food. In order to pull of an outstanding barbecue you will need to have a few accessories. The amazing thing about these barbecue accessories is that they are the same, and serve the same purpose, regardless of where you are or what style of barbecue you are eating. Simply be sure that you keep these barbecue accessories in mind the next time you begin planning a barbecue for your friends and family.

  • The grill. What type of grill are you going to use? An electric barbecue grill may be convenient in rainy or cold weather, or if you want to entertain your guests in doors, but it can't produce the unmistakable flavour that charcoal or gas grills provide. A gas grill has the convenience over an open fire in that the heat is perfect from the start and there is no smoke. The most important thing when using a gas grill is to ensure that it has enough gas to last until all the meat is done.
  • BBQ utensils. Ensure that a cleaned grill, be it an open or closed grill for turning meat easily, is at hand as soon as the heat is right to start grilling. Have the tongs and long forks for turning and removing the grilled meat to the serving bowl ready.
  • Accessories. The purpose of the Barbecue should be considered when planning what will be placed on the table. If it is an informal Barbecue, you may want to use paper plates and plastic cups. Not a fan of paper plates and plastic cups? Visit the camping department of your favourite store where you will find the exact plates and cups you need.
  • Tablecloths and napkins. A more formal occasion will ask for different table cloths than an informal one. Table cloths can contribute largely to the atmosphere of the party. An informal afternoon Barbecue lends itself to colourful, decorative tablecloths where as an evening Barbecue may be more formal. This is the occasion to use your more formal, tasteful tablecloths. There are such a variety of napkins available – find the ones matching your theme or decorations for the occasion.
  • Salad bowls. Are your guests going to sit at a table, smaller tables or use a TV tray? The size, type and suitability for a particular salad bowl depends on these arrangements.
  • Starters and snacks. Don't be trapped by offering starters and snacks resulting in the guests having had enough to eat even before the main meal. The time the visitors arrive before the food is served, is a good indication of when to serve starters and snacks. If the party will carry on for some time after dinner, place bowls with snacks in strategic spots for the guests to nibble afterwards.

Having guests for a barbecue can be fun with all your valued friends and family enjoying themselves. Remember that an electric barbecue grill may be convenient, but it can't produce the unmistakable flavour that charcoal or gas grills provide. A gas grill have the convenience over an open fire in that the heat is perfect from the start and there is no smoke. Ensure that table cloths, napkins contribute to the rest of your decorations. Finally, simply relax and enjoy your party.

Author Bio

Hettie Woehler

Hettie lives in Mokopane, South Africa. She writes articles for a country-wide monthly newspaper, The Vessel. She self-published a devotional book in 1993 and writes a regular column, Hettie's Chatterbox, for the S.A. Neuromuscular Foundation. ...


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