Jewish Cuisine

by Karen Bates
(last updated May 18, 2015)

Many regions and cultures are well known for the unique foods they prepare and eat often. Food is something that brings people together and adds to their heritage as they continue to make certain recipes. Since food is a social experience, it is something that has bonded groups of people together throughout history and still does today.

Although there are certain types of cuisine that are very well known and often enjoyed all over the world, there are other kinds that are equally delicious but sometimes overlooked. One of these is Jewish cuisine. This type of cuisine consists of various foods developed or adapted by the Jewish people over the years to adhere to the dietary rules and laws of their religion.

There are specific dietary laws within the Jewish faith. For example, some Jews eat only foods that are certified as kosher. This means that only certain kinds of food are fine to eat, and these foods must be prepared in a specific way. This makes Jewish cuisine especially unique.

Jewish cuisine is best known for certain recipes, some of which are important in religious traditions. Some of these dishes include:

  • Kreplach. For this dish, filled ravioli-like dumplings are served with chicken broth. Fillings can consist of meat, cheese, or mashed potatoes.
  • Kugel. This is a casserole dish that is made up of various vegetables, noodles, and fruits baked together.
  • Bagels and lox. Although bagels are well known, lox are perhaps more obscure. Put simply, lox is smoked fish, and this is served on a bagel (sometimes with other toppings like cream cheese and tomato).
  • Gefilte fish. This food consists of fish that is chopped up and served in a ball form.
  • Tzimmes. Tzimmes can be served as a stew that tends to be sweet. The ingredients in this dish may vary, but can include potatoes, figs, and carrots.
  • Blintzes. These pancake-like foods are rolled up with various fillings. They can be eaten as part of a meal of as a dessert, depending on what you fill them with.
  • Matzah balls. Matzah balls are dumplings made from matzah meal that are often served in broth.
  • Challah. Challah is a type of braided bread that is often used for holidays.

Jewish cuisine consists of many enjoyable dishes. These foods can make a unique addition to a meal, so give them a try if you have not had them already.

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