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No matter what kind of stir-fry you're cooking, make sure that all the ingredients are cut into approximately equal-sized pieces. Chop all your ingredients before you start cooking so that everything is ready to go when you are.

The best type of pan to use for stir fry is a wok. It has deep sides that allow you to move ingredients that are done cooking to the cooler parts of the pan while other ingredients stay close to the heat. If you don't have a wok, though, you can use any skillet. Just make sure you stir everything often so it all cooks evenly.

Turn the heat on under your wok or skillet, add some oil, and put in your flavorings (garlic and ginger are the ones most often used) when the oil is warm. Add the meat first to let it start cooking, and then add your vegetables a few minutes later.

A stir-fry dinner usually means quick cooking and cleanup, so it's a perfect meal for a busy weeknight. You can speed up the process even more in the way you prepare your stir-fry meat. For a stir-fry you cube beef, pork, or boneless, skinless chicken breasts. So, to make cutting easier, just pop the meat in the freezer for about ten minutes before slicing (you can chop vegetables and start the rice cooking while you're waiting). The meat will cut neatly and make your job that much easier.

You can take this one step further by purchasing several meals' needs at one time, whether it be stir fry or other any other meal that requires chopped meat. Freeze and slice your meat as described above, and then pack meal-sized portions into zipper freezer bags. Label them and leave them in the freezer until you're ready to use them. Because the meat is already sliced, you can thaw and cook at once when you're ready to cook.

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