One of the best-loved treats you can make is brownies. A chocolate-lovers favorite treat, brownies can simply contain chocolate or you can mix in various things such as nuts and crushed candy canes. Regardless of your preference, the perfect batch of brownies is within reach.

Finding a great brownie recipe doesn't have to be difficult. You'll find some here. There's even a recipe for making healthy brownie muffins. Yes, now you can have those brownies for breakfast and dessert.

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   Best Brownies Ever
In my opinion, the general public has suffered from mediocre brownies for too long. Here is an easy recipe that will definitely up the quality of your brownies and give you and your family faith in brownies again.

   Brownie Cookies
Brownies are delicious and cookies are delicious, so why not combine them? Here is a great recipe that will give you cookies that you will definitely make more than twice.

   Healthy Brownie Muffins
Who ever thought that brownies could ever be healthy? Well, here is a great recipe that combines the great taste of brownies and the health of bran to give you muffins that satisfy both needs.

   Magnificent Chocolate Mint Brownies
Brownies are great and wonderful desserts and snacks, something that almost anyone loves. Here is a recipe for some of the best that you are ever going to have.