Holiday Magic

A holiday would just be another day without planning some special activities and, of course, food. Recipes and traditions help make the holiday special.

In this section of tips, you'll find some ideas to add a bit of magic to your holiday celebrations. Whether you are getting in touch with your inner Irish or creating a great gingerbread house with your kids, you'll find some great ideas here.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   A Traditional St. Patrick's Day Feast
St. Patrick's Day is simply one of those days where we seem to need little reason for a party. If you are planning on having a party, why not go all out with a traditional St. Patrick's Day feast? It is surprisingly easy.

   Building Gingerbread Houses
If time is limited, and if you're on a budget, consider making your gingerbread house using graham crackers. Use a can of white icing, stiffened with confectioner's sugar, to make the mortar for your graham cracker walls and roof, and then as glue for the candy decorations.

   Coffee Spice Cookies
Spice cake is great and coffee cake is wonderful, but what if you could somehow combine the two of them? Well now you can with this mouth watering recipe for some coffee spice cookies. Once you have these, you will simply have to have them again and again.

   Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Let's face it, chocolate chip cookies are perhaps one of the most popular types of cookies in existence. This also means that if regular chocolate chip cookies are good, then double chocolate chip cookies are great! Learn how you can make your own fantastic double chocolate chip cookies with the help of this great recipe.

   Great Gingerbread Cookies
Whether it is during the holidays, or you are simply in the mood, gingerbread cookies are a wonderful treat. What is even better is if you have made them yourself. Making great gingerbread cookies doesn't need to be all that difficult, and can actually be a lot of fun—particularly if you utilize this great recipe.

   Holiday Self Catering
Taking care of the food for a holiday event yourself can feel overwhelming. Try to plan things ahead so you won't have to worry.

   Homemade Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread cookies have got to be one of the most treasured holiday favorites. Unfortunately, it can often difficult to find any of these fantastic cookies in the store when it is not holiday time. Instead of going without for several months, why not use this fantastic recipe to make some of your own?

   Hot Holiday Punch
Nothing is better on a cold winter morning than a cup of a hot drink. This is the best hot drink to have that will leave you warm and toasty and ready to go.